doctor and caregiver outside the buildingAt H2H #1Care, LLC, we value the contributions and efforts of our caregivers to ensure that our clients are receiving the care they require and deserve.

We always look after the safety of every client which is why we strive hard to find caregivers who are qualified for the position.

  • Recruit and Interview. We do not use sub-contractors, assuring full control and oversight.
  • Conduct criminal background check, exclusion check verification & TB screening on all employees before assigning them to clients.
  • 60 hours of Customized Training (in-class, audio, video, and online) includes: Communication skills, ADLs & IADLS, Care Plan (weekly documentation/activities), Personal Care, Adaptive Equipment for Transfers, Basic Hygiene and Infection Control, Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions, Emergency Procedures including basic First Aid and have an emergency preparedness plan for the client, Confidentiality Practices for Client’s Personal, Financial and Health Information, Understanding Abuse and Neglect, Care for Stroke patients, etc. Continued education is a must!
  • Our Certified caregivers speak: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, and Spanish. Certified Senior Care Managers on staff.

Receive care from our caregivers today. Please call 215-613-5386 for your inquiries or schedule a home assessment online.