senior couple meeting with consultant in hospitalH2H #1Care, LLC dedicates itself to the service of our clients. We render services in accordance to the highest level of ethical, safety and professional standards. We strive to comply with every standard, law and regulation that govern the work we do.

We have a Compliance Program in place designed to ensure that every member of our team understands, acknowledges and fulfills their personal responsibility to all clients, payors, employees and everyone involved in our operations. Other relevant policies and procedures are also followed.

The Rights of Our Clients

  • Clients are encouraged to read our Privacy Notice where their rights are enumerated. Information about how to report their concerns or issues, if any, about our services is also available.
  • H2H #1Care, LLC respects and upholds the rights of our clients. We also respect the confidentiality of each client’s personal health information.

The Responsibilities of Our Employees

All of our employees are expected to:

  • Abide by the standards, laws and regulations that govern the work we do.
  • Report any activity or incident that constitutes violation of the law to an immediate supervisor, Chief Compliance Officer or through our phone number at 215-613-5386 in a prompt manner.
  • Detect any violation of the compliance program, and prevent the same, by any employee or subcontractor which might infringe the rights of our clients and expose H2H #1Care, LLC to criminal or civil liability as well as damage the company’s reputation, financial status or client and business relations.

Compliance Program Contact Information

Clients who need clarifications or have further questions about certain policies or procedures should get in touch with the director of the office that provides the service.

Employees who need clarifications on policies and procedures should get in touch with their immediate supervisors.

For further assistance, you may use the following:

  • Call our office at 215-613-5386.
  • Send us an online message.
  • Send an email to
  • Write to:
    H2H #1Care, LLC
    ATTN: Chief Compliance Officer

10100 Jamison Ave., Kleinlife Bldg., Room #204
Philadelphia, PA 19116

Office Number: 215-613-5386
HR Number: 215-500-0303
Emergency Number: 254-371-6164

Email Address:

We listen to you and your family’s needs and respond to your concerns. Please do not hesitate to use the contact details provided above to raise any of your concerns to us. Upon receiving your report, our Chief Compliance Officer will take the necessary steps to respond to you and act on the matter immediately.